Benefits and Challenges of Six Sigma in Healthcare Industry

According to the American Hospital Association’s Trendwatch, hospitals in America averaged operating margins between 2 and 7 percent between 1993 and 2015. Total margins for the same time period were between 4 and 8 percent(1). With fairly small profit margins, hospitals and healthcare organizations have to keep tight reins on processes and costs. But costs Read more about Benefits and Challenges of Six Sigma in Healthcare Industry[…]

Normality Test Using Microsoft Excel

In our previous post, we have discussed what is normal distribution and how to visually identify the normal distribution. However, deeper analysis is require to validate the normality of the data since it is affecting our analysis method. Most us are relying to our advance statistical software such as Minitab, SigmaXL, JMP and many more Read more about Normality Test Using Microsoft Excel[…]

What is Normal Distribution?

Normal distribution, also called Gaussian distribution, is probably the most important distribution related to continuous data from a statistical analysis standpoint. It is sometimes called the “bell curve,” although the tonal qualities of such a bell would be less than pleasing. A normal, or Gaussian, distribution is depicted below. Normal data is shaped symmetrically surrounding Read more about What is Normal Distribution?[…]

Six Sigma Team : Types of Members and Tips for Selection

Team is the most essential element to ensure the Six Sigma projects are progressing well. On the previous post, we have discussed on the roles and responsible in Six Sigma team and in this post we will discuss more on the Six Sigma Team Member : Types and Tips for Selection. When putting teams together, Read more about Six Sigma Team : Types of Members and Tips for Selection[…]

problem function

Six Sigma Problem Functions : y=f(x)

Because Six Sigma approaches things with a statistical mindset, it considers all problems as a function. Using mathematical symbols, this looks like: The y=f(x) statement can be used in two ways. First, it is a general map for stating a problem. Y (the problem) occurs because some X (input or cause) is occurring. In reality, Read more about Six Sigma Problem Functions : y=f(x)[…]

when to use six sigma

When to Use Six Sigma

Some organizations make use of various project improvement methods such as Six Sigma, Lean, Rummler-Brache, JumpStart and many more. As the management, the challenge is to make the right decision. The other businesses are shouting about Six Sigma application. But the is no miracle cure for everything. This is the guideline of when to use Read more about When to Use Six Sigma[…]