We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.

Our Focused Disciplines

Intact Prolink provides comprehensive training and consultancy solutions in Continuous Improvement initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma, as well as the Security Management programs in Malaysia and South East Asia. To support both business and government organizations in their workforce optimization efforts, we develop structured learning paths prior to training, and provide implementation services that extend the value of our solutions.
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Continuous Improvement

Our Lean Six Sigma approach give your organization proven tools and techniques to solve business problems in a structured and effective way.

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Security Management

We provide the latest up to date information and security strategies available. This allows a very clear and concise security program that is effective and easy to follow

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Minitab Software

In delivering a comprehensive solutions to our clients, we also been recognized as registered distributor for Minitab statistical software to support learning and deployment requirements of Lean Six Sigma

About Us

Your Preferred Business Solutions Provider

Our mission at Intact Prolink is to challenge existing business processes and develop value-added services that drive client's profitability. We provide the most comprehensive Lean Six Sigma and Security Management solutions based on the best industry practices. At Intact Prolink, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in client’s businesses - everyone is guessing. Production team not sure how to improve their quality, reduce the cost and improve the lead time. Operation teams do not know what is really customer wants, even not sure how to set their targets to avoid over expenses.

  • % of Fortune 100 companies implement Lean Six Sigma

  • % raised level of quality of companies after implementing Lean Six Sigma

  • % from critical infrastructure had at least once security compromised that led to disruption of operation

  • % of critical infrastructure think they unaware or unsure of potential vulnerabilities


Accreditation & Recognition

The Council of Six Sigma Certification

Accredited Training and Certification Provider
The SSC is a professional accrediting body to ensure that Six Sigma Certified individuals have been exposed to the complete Six Sigma Body of Knowledge and have been required to meet a minimum standard of proficiency for six sigma and its implementation.

Minitab Statistical Software

Registered Minitab software reselller
Minitab delivers software and services for quality improvement and statistics education. For more than 40 years, thousands of distinguished organizations in nearly 90 countries have turned to Minitab for tools that help quality initiatives yield bottom-line benefits.

MoF – Bumiputera Status Company

We are MoF registered company with Bumiputera status
Intact Prolink is a recognized company by Malaysia’s government with Bumiputera status.

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