5S Training


Gain an understanding in the purpose and benefits behind the 5S methodology. Learn how to explain the 5S standard and how to use it to organize your workplace to create a clean, safe, orderly, high-performance work environment that promotes efficiency.

Build a foundation for lean culture by embracing 5S as part of the way work is done. Learners will explore the fundamentals of 5S, including its purpose, how it relates to lean, and its benefits. This course will walk through the five standards of the 5S approach: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Learners will also have an opportunity to practice 5S with an interactive scenario that walks through each standard.

  • Understand the fundamentals behind 5S, including its purpose, relationship to lean, purpose, and benefits Explain the 5S standards Explain how to use 5S to organize a workplace
    • 5S and Lean
    • 5S Standards
      • Sort
      • Set in Order
      • Shine
      • Standardize
      • Sustain
    • Implementing 5S

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