Lean Management Certification

Lean management is a method of sustaining competitive advantage based on the concept of continuous improvement, a long-term approach to work that deliberately strives to enhance efficiency and quality through modest, incremental improvements in operations.

The main goal of lean management is to provide value to customers by optimizing resources and establishing a streamlined process based on actual customer needs. It aims to eliminate wasting time, effort, or money by identifying each stage in a business process and then revising or removing those that do not provide value.

Lean management focuses on:

  • Determining value from the perspective of the final consumer.
  • Getting rid of all waste in business processes.
  • Improving all work procedures, goals, and people continuously.

Since Lean Management is based on the Toyota Production System established in the late 1940s, lean management philosophy was rooted in the manufacturing process. However, since the last decade, we can see that many services companies such as KPJ Hospital, Malaysia Airports, and many more have started to deploy Lean Management in their processes. The methodology itself begin to evolve to serve the dynamic business environment.

Suppose we compare the recognition of its relative, Six Sigma. Typically, Six Sigma recognition focuses more on individual competency levels such as Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. However, Lean Management certification is the method to recognize the organization instead since Lean Management is about shared success.

Benefits of Lean Management Certification

Achieving a Lean Management certification can pay enormous dividends for your business in improved efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

But the benefits of Lean Management certification go far beyond your operations to every aspect of the business, including sales and marketing, strategic planning and employee engagement.

Below are some advantages of recognizing the companies with Lean Management certification.

  1. Identify the risks and improvement opportunities.

  2. Prevent the problem from reoccurring.

  3. Improve employee performance

  4. Boost your marketing and sales efforts

Types of Lean Management Certification in Malaysia

In Malaysia, we have two certification options for recognizing the lean organization from two reputable entities.

Lean Management System Standard (SIRIM Standard 12 & 13:2017) by SIRIM Berhad

SIRIM Berhad developed the Standard of Lean Management to achieve the objectives of:

  • To provide a common understanding of lean management
  • To specify the requirements for key activities for an organization to implement lean management and;
  • To describe the level of implementation as a benchmark towards value creation to the interested party.

This standard is part of the standard of lean management as listed below:

  • Part 1 (SIRIM Standard 12:2017) – Requirements for key activities
  • Part 2 (SIRIM Standard 13:2017) – Competency for lean personnel

Manufacturing-based companies widely use this standard to recognize implementing lean management systems.

Lean Management System Certification by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)

This certification program was developed by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) to recognize the industry player in implementing lean management systems as the continuous improvement initiative.

The program requires the organization to train its personnel and implement lean projects as a part of continuous improvement activities. The program is participated actively by various industries, including manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries.

In conclusion, the value of lean management certification cannot be exceeded. For individuals, continuing aggressive and employable in a world with dwindling job chances is vital. As an employer, you will have to know that your production lines are run by professionals whose primary centre is quality.

Intact Prolink is a registered associate of SIRIM and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) in providing lean management training and deployment.