Recognition Program for High Productivity Enterprise (HPE) using Local Talent

HPE Award

Recognition Program for High Productivity Enterprise using Local Talent or known as HPE is the recognition for high productivity enterprises operating in Malaysia and using local talent organised by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) through Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC).

This recognition was organised as a result of decision made by the National Productivity Council, chaired by YAB Prime Minister on 8th May 2017. This is especially important for Malaysia seeking to be a developed nation with excellent work culture, good labor-management relationship with high productivity.

The objectives of program are:

  1. To recognize enterprise demonstrating high productivity performance and at the same time using local talents to achieve their excellent performance.
  2. To foster good working culture and values both by employers and employees to further enhance organizational productivity.
  3. To identify best practices in business management and sharing through seminar, forum, articles in order to support other enterprises in their efforts to improve productivity and competitiveness.

This program is open to all businesses (SMEs to MNCs) incorporated under Malaysia Companies Act 1965 with the following requirements.

  1. It has more than 85% local workforce.
  2. It has existed for at least three (3) years.
  3. It can respond to assessment criteria and share information on related practices.
  4. It can provide audited financial statements for the past three (3) consecutive years.

All companies will be categorized into Gold, Silver or Bronze Award based on the assessment in Business Excellence and Productivity Gain Measurement

The best thing, it is totally FREE to participate! Limited opportunities available!!

Email or WhatsApp to 011-62970757 for inquiry or participation.