Lean Six Sigma Green Belt



The 8-days Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training teaches and prepares individuals to implement the principles, practices, and techniques of Lean Six Sigma in a support capacity on a Black Belt project team. These Green Belts are traditionally lead process stakeholders and may also be assigned specific process-level improvement projects. Well trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belts will conduct on their own—projects that normally require simpler statistical tools.

All participants will be provided with Minitab Statistical Software (Trial Version) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook (Digital Version) from Six Sigma Council.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be awarded with Certification of Completion with Six Sigma Council’s endorsement.

Who Should Attending

This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions-operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and other staff functions. Participants are normally process owners or leaders and are well versed in technical aspects of their jobs and have worked on project teams.

  • Function as a ‘tools application’ member of a six sigma project team
  • Lead and execute process-level improvement projects
  • Collect process data and develop process maps
  • Develop statistical hypotheses using simple statistical tools
  • Design simple experiments and/or implementation plans that help validate improvement options
  • Apply problem solving and quantifiable tools to an improvement project brought to class on the first day.
  • Eliminate waste and defects by applying lean and six sigma
  • Collect, analyze, and quantify data that enable process improvements
  • Learn how to execute the six sigma methodology.
  • Work with process owners to ensure process gains are held

Week One Course Agenda

  1. Overview and Foundation of Lean and Six Sigma
  2. Drivers and Metrics
  3. Projects
  4. Theory of Constraints
  5. Customer Data
  6. Project Planning Tools
  7. Project Documentation
  8. Basic Lean Six Sigma Metrics
  9. Team Dynamics and Performance
  10. Overview of Measure
  11. Introduction to Minitab
  12. Process Mapping
  13. Cause and Effect Analysis
  14. FMEA
  15. Probability and Statistics
  16. Measurement Systems Analysis
  17. Data Collection and Summary
  18. Process Capability/

Week Two Course Agenda

  1. Analyze Phase Overview
  2. Hypothesis Testing
  3. ANOVA
  4. Regression
  5. Chi-square
  6. Graphical Analysis
  7. Lean Analysis Tools
  8. Analyze Phase Transition
  9. Improve Overview
  10. Lean Improvement Tools
  11. Introduction to Design of Experiments
  12. DoE Golf Experiment
  13. Implementation and Validation Solutions
  14. Control Phase Overview
  15. Standard Work
  16. Control Charting
  17. Control Plans
  18. Control Phase Transition

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