lean training

Are you tired of feeling held back by outdated, rigid management systems? It’s time to embrace a new way of thinking, one that puts people at the center of work processes. The Lean methodology is a powerful tool that not only improves work processes but also the people who carry them out. It encourages shared responsibility and leadership, empowering individuals to take control of their work and drive improvement. Say goodbye to the traditional top-down approach and hello to a more collaborative, human-centric approach with Lean management. Embrace a new way of thinking and lead the way in driving continuous improvement and success for your organization.

Why Choose Intact Prolink as Your Lean Provider?

Are you looking for a training provider that can help you achieve real results for your organization? Look no further than Intact Prolink. As an industry-leading provider of Process Excellence courses, we are dedicated to helping you and your team reach your full potential.

Our team of experienced professionals have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including PRefChem, Shell, Sapura Industries, Media Prima, Malaysia Airports and many more. With our unrivaled experience and resources, we are able to provide you with a tailored training experience that will help you achieve your lean training objectives for individuals or your entire workforce.

Our blended learning experiences and accelerated learning techniques are designed to make the most of your training budget and ensure that you are able to see real results from your training. We are also proud to be an accredited associate in Malaysia for Lean Management System and assessor for SIRIM’s Standard for Lean Management System.

Don’t wait any longer to take your organization to the next level. Contact us now to learn more about how our lean training courses can help your organization achieve real results.

List of Lean courses offered.

  • Go to Lean Manufacturing

    Lean Manufacturing

    This course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how Lean Manufacturing works in a manufacturing company. Lean concepts (why lean, lean terminology, identifying wastes, and Value Stream Mapping methods) and lean practices.

  • Go to Lean for Services

    Lean for Services

    This course provides you with tools to survive the demand for higher quality, faster delivery time, and lower prices. You’ll learn how to apply lean for services to coop the unique challenges of service industries.

  • Go to Lean Management Systems 101

    Lean Management Systems 101

    The Lean Management Systems 101 course is based on the key concepts for introducing a Lean Management System into an established organization, guiding attendees through the fundamental building blocks of Lean, modular development stages, and successful implementation.

  • Go to Lean Kaizen

    Lean Kaizen

    This course will address many day-to-day issues with long-term answers rather than band-aid remedies. A well-executed kaizen project will produce high-impact tangible benefits, guiding a “firefighting” organization toward stability and “continuous improvement.”