The Lean Management Systems 101 training course is based on the key concepts for introducing a Lean Management System into an established organization, guiding attendees through the fundamental building blocks of Lean, modular development stages, and successful implementation.

As a company implements a Lean initiative, all employees must understand the objectives and terminology to be used. This Lean Awareness training course provides that knowledge to all employees. This course offers to learn relative to terminology, goals, and the role each employee can play in this effort to engage all employees in the groundswell to improve all processes,. As Lean permeates your company, the terminology people use will change. Teams will be formed to conduct improvement projects.

Recommended Audience                                                               

  • Leadership Team
  • Quality Engineers and Managers
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • Engineering Students
  • Process Improvement Professionals

Learning Objectives

  • Different Approaches to Process Improvement
  • Lean Management System– basic concepts, definitions, and evolution of the methodology
  • The application of Lean Management Systems
  • The Business Case for Lean Management Systems
  • Lean integration with other process improvement frameworks and Process Life-cycles
  • Project Selection and the Lean organization (profiles and roles)

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