lean for services

Breaking the stereotypes of Lean is only applicable for manufacturing or production environment. But how about the services that want to reduce waste and streamline operations? This course provides you with tools to survive the demand for higher quality, faster delivery time, and lower prices. You’ll learn how to apply lean for services to coop the unique challenges of service industries.

Lean is a philosophy and powerful tool designed to eliminate waste from processes. It focuses on what adds value in processes from a customer’s perspective. While its roots are in manufacturing, this workshop covers how to apply it to services and administrative functions. The lean methodology provides fast and dramatic results.

Recommended Audience :

Anyone looking to understand the lean methodology, deploy lean for services.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of lean philosophy, methodology, and tools.
  • Understand how to develop an improvement culture, not just improvement events or programs.
  • Build a high-level plan to apply the tools to your processes.

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