7 QC

More than 95% of the problems in a company can be solved by the 7 QC Tools. – Kaoru Ishikawa, Quality Guru

The need to meet and exceed customer expectations in a cost-competitive environment makes the correct usage of the 7 QC (Quality Control) Tools imperative today for a unified and systematic approach to team problem-solving. The tools help develop and sustain a strong customer focus and improve all processes by identifying rejects, determining causes, suggesting improvements, and establishing traceability of each process. The 7 QC tools are fundamental for continuous improvement.

This training course is based on a proven problem-solving model by Deming, who advocated the PDCA Cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act. The 7 QC Tools are the fundamental techniques used at the different stages in the PDCA cycle.

Recommended Audience                                                                  

Anyone (at any level) who would like to implement a basic, proven problem-solving methodology. 

Learning Objectives

  • What is a problem-solving model, and how the PDCA cycle can be adopted
  • How and when to use the 7QC Tools
  • How the 7QC tools can be integrated into a quality management system


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