Minitab Training

Decrease the time required for statistical analysis by quickly learning to navigate Minitab’s user-friendly and customizable environment. Learn how to import/export data output between Minitab and various software and database systems. Enhance your ability to create, manipulate, and restructure data. Develop sound statistical approaches to data analysis by learning how to create and interpret a wide variety of graphs and numerical measures useful for quality improvement initiatives.

This course focuses on the utilization of these tools as they pertain to applications commonly found in business, transactional, and service industries.

Recommended Audience

This program will benefit a wide array of professionals in both manufacturing and transactional areas who are interested in data analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of basic statistics
  • Interpreting and grasping Minitab’s graphical and other descriptive statistics indicators
  • Maneuver Minitab application
  • Understanding the inferential statistics and hypothesis testing.
  • Exploring process optimization methods using Minitab


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