Procedures for Statistical Process Control (SPC) aid in monitoring process behaviour. The control chart is a common Statistical Process Control tool used by quality process analysts, improvement associates, inspectors, and others. Control charting and other Statistical Process Control processes are covered in full in Intact Prolink’s statistical process control training, as well as how to use them inside your organization.

Roll up your sleeves for hands-on practice with Statistical Process Control tools, including process capability indexes, normal probability distributions, and control charts for variables and attributes.

Recommended Audience

  • Quality Engineers and Managers
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • Engineering Students
  • Process Improvement Professionals from TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, etc
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt / Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Learning Objectives

  • Understand about SPC, and its test
  • Select and use the best-suited control chart
  • Establish control chart limits
  • Establish rules for out of control occurrences
  • Demonstrate an understanding of troubleshooting using SPC
  • Recognize how SPC helps determine process capability
  • Differentiate the implementation and management issues associated with


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