Improvement Project Coaching

Our clients usually have specific problems or challenges that they want us to assist them. We guide them through one-to-one project coaching services to equip them with Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques to develop effective solutions

Process Improvement Deployment

As companies face a bleak outlook for revenue growth, increasingly, they are turning to Lean and Six Sigma to lift their bottom line. However, past industry practices have revealed that successful deployment of Lean and Six Sigma requires careful planning and monitoring. Hence, we are offering the Deployment program for companies to ensure the effective execution of the Lean or Six Sigma program.

Lean Industry 4.0

Lean and IR4.0 are industrial paradigms whose philosophies provide a central base to design operation flow. Although the need to implement Lean Management and IR 4.0 is clear to many businesses, they are uncertain about combining them for maximum benefit. We will guide your organization to maximize its benefits through our specialized designed program, Lean Industry 4.0.