six sigma white belt

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt is a course designed to provide the most basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology. It aims to provide you with a basic definition, history, and structure of the discipline. It also provides a solid understanding of who is involved in the actual implementation within an organization. Our Lean Six Sigma White Belt training program includes an overview of Lean Six Sigma history and concepts. 

Lean Six Sigma White Belt is the most basic level of certification that teaches very basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma. White Belts will learn how Lean Six Sigma teams function within an organization and some of the often encountered troubles.

Recommended Audience

Operators, Supervisors, Fresh Engineers and Fresh Executives

Learning Objectives

  • What Six Sigma Is and the Challenges it Often Faces
  • Lean Six Sigma’s History and Application
  • Other Process Improvement and Quality Methods


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