LeanOhio : Breaking the Myth

Lean Ohio


Do you ever feel frustrating with lengthy process when dealing with government agencies?

Do you ever think, “this process could be better” during 3 hours queue at government hospital?


LeanOhio, is one of customer-centric governments that always hunting for improvement opportunities in making government services simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Breaking the myth of Lean Six Sigma is only suitable with manufacturing environment, they are using the methodology in cutting red tape, removing inefficiencies, improving customer service, and achieving measurable results.

The LeanOhio Network includes hundreds of state employees who have been involved in Kaizen events and hundreds of improvement projects. The network includes state employee unions and members who promote Lean, improve processes, and partner with the state to teach Lean tools and strategies.

Since January 2011, the state has saved more than $30 million. The state agencies continue to add to the list of impressive project results, including:

  • Tax appeals resolved in one-tenth the time
  • Forensic analyses processing time slashed by 83%
  • Start up costs for car dealership licensing process to save upwards of $150,000 per entity
  • Streamlined process for managing crucial records reduced steps by 82%
  • Redesigned invoice process with 47 fewer steps will move twice as fast
  • Injured worker will return to the job four (4) days sooner with redesigned process

Lean Six Sigma is not a static methodology, in aiming for delighting the customers and creating competitive advantage. The methodology itself must be dynamic and flexible to meet the organization’s objectives.

LeanOhio is not only breaking the skeptical of Lean Six Sigma application outside than manufacturing environment, but it is breaking the status quo of government agencies are inefficient.

With good promotion of output of the improvement projects and positive customer (citizens) experience, the LeanOhio not only creating happiness among citizen. But it reduces government’s burden on taxpayers.

Director Shawn Vaughn told the Dispatch the Buckeye State is a leader “in lean management as a means to reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve processes to better serve state agencies and their citizens.”

Leaning up the government processes is something possible.


The above is an excerpt from a presentation our Lean Six Sigma specialist gave to our Process Improvement clients.